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HISPALICA Properties is a real-estate agency based in Seville that is mainly focused towards national and international expatriates who may be looking for a new life project in this beautiful and charming city. In HISPALICA we will listen to your needs and help you, not only in your house seeking pursuit, but also accompany you in those critical moments as a newcomer and ease your transition into a new city and a new life.rentals

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In HISPALICA we select the properties according to their architectural and aesthetic value, as well as their potential revaluation over time.


Interview with your Consultant HISPALICA PROPIEDADES to define your search criteria. • Your ideal housing (type of housing, surface area, number of rooms ...) • Your ideal neighborhood (in terms of proximity, quality of life, security) • Your possible wishes in terms of school (private, public, bilingual) • Your budget • Your calendar. We search and find for you the best real estate according to your criteria. We study your project and are looking for the property that corresponds to your request from our extensive network (agencies, classifieds, individuals ...). We make sure of the availability of the goods and we plan your visits. When you arrive in Andalucía, we accompany you during each visit. We serve as an intermediary if you do not master the Spanish language perfectly. In general one or two full days of visits are enough because we target the goods according to your expectations.


If necessary, we can visit the property before your arrival. In any case, we provide a detailed list of the properties corresponding to your criteria (photos, price, description, location, remarks and advices) The goal is to help you choose the goods that deserve to be visited, and to discard goods that do not suit you.


We recommend, if necessary, a choice of banks, internet service providers, mobile phone providers, TV and satellite antenna installers and other professionals. We explain to you the main administrative procedures that will have to be carried out once installed. Our lawyer can assist you with the most complex procedures (starting a business, opening a business, taxation, etc.). We accompany you to obtain the NIE and the opening of a bank account (Bank Sabadell), essential to pay your water bills, gas, electricity ...


We accompany you until the signing of the lease / sale agreement. You can reach us anytime, even after signing the lease / sale agreement, if you have any questions. Whenever possible, we will try to advise you at best.